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How to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S21

The new line of Samsung Galaxy phones has arrived. The new Galaxy S21 comes with a few differences compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S20. For example, the most recent series of phones from Samsung doesn’t actually come with a charger. In a move that looks to minimize electronic waste, the new phones will only come with a USB-C cable that hooks into the phone itself.

New Samsung users may be wondering how to use some of the features available on the Galaxy S21. The latest couple of versions of the Galaxy has switched up some of the commands to use some features, mostly in an effort to promote the Galaxy AI, Bixby.

One of the features that has changed slightly in recent years is the screenshot ability. Samsung makes it fairly simple to screenshot and share images on the Galaxy S21. However, this process may differ a little from other Android phones.

So, how do you screenshot your screen on the Galaxy S21?

The Galaxy S21 has three buttons on the right side, which are used for a variety of different functions. What used to be known to most as the power button is now referred to as the “Side Key” by Samsung. Additionally, there are the two volume buttons, directly above the Side Key.

Image: KnowTechie

In order to take a screenshot, users must press the Side Key as well as the “down” volume key simultaneously. It is important to note that this is just a press, because holding this combination of buttons brings up the power menu on the Galaxy S21.

Once the two buttons are pressed at the same time, a screenshot animation will play. After that, users will see a toolbar with options of editing or sharing the image. If nothing is done at this point, the image will be saved in the phone’s gallery.

That should be everything you need to know about screenshotting on the Galaxy S21. Samsung has added a lot of new functions to the side buttons on the Galaxy in recent years, and screenshotting has become a little more complicated. Hopefully, this helps you learn about some of this functionality.

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