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Innovate New Practices and Strategies for Graduate Recruiting

Innovate New Practices and Strategies for Graduate Recruiting

Many companies face challenges while recruiting fresh graduates in that many graduates that take up their first jobs through their college placements tend to leave the job even before the completion of one year. This leads to both the graduates and the companies wasting their time is disadvantageous to both. The above problem arises because the graduation phase of the students is a tough one, causing stress and insecurities, which basically leads to the graduates opting in for the very first offer that they get from a particular company. This leaves no time for the graduates to analyze the job opportunity and how it would fit in with their life.

Practices and Strategies for Graduate Recruiting

However, once the graduates actually start working for the company, they realize that maybe it is not the best place for them to be and want to try something else. They decide to leave the job in search of a job that they want and this leads to the companies losing their employee and therefore having to recruit another employee, wasting their money and time all over again. However, this does not imply that these companies should not recruit graduates altogether. The solution lies in the graduate recruitment agencies changing their strategies for the recruitment of fresh graduates that would be successful in picking the best recruits.

1. Conduct Interviews through Remote Recruitment

Usually, the college placement are held in a predetermined manner wherein the companies or the IT recruitment agency visit the campus of the college or university to conduct interviews and offer jobs to the fresh graduates. This means that the graduate recruitment agencies have to compromise their finances and time to visit universities, and can afford to visit only a few due to the above mentioned constraints. Therefore, for the removal of this difficulty, some agencies decide to opt for remote recruitment, meaning that the agencies conduct virtual interviews of the candidates, thus saving time and money.

2. Clarity about the Job Profile

The graduate recruitment agencies, when they post about a job opening, should clarify all details about it including the kind of skills the job requires and the type of work that is expected from the person hired for it. It is important to describe the job profile in full, as the candidates reading it can be sure of the job and are aware of what the job will be like.

3. Employee Experiences and Stories Bring in More Candidates

A perfect strategy to attract the graduates to apply for your company is through the sharing of experiences of your employees referring the company for people looking for jobs. These employees can effectively authenticate the stories with their real experiences so that the graduates are drawn towards the company after seeing that the employees are satisfied with their work environment. These are better than the rankings and advertisements for the company as these are real people communicating their own narrative and it also develops a connection with the applicants. Companies like Google frequently share the experiences of their employees and highlight the campus of the company and its amenities, drawing candidates in for interviews helping the company select from a larger pool.

4. Advance Training and Development for New Hires

The graduates that are new to the job industry and are entering the companies with trepidation and hesitation will be eager to find learning and training opportunities that might prepare them for the job beforehand. In addition to this, the company should provide continuous learning experiences so that the employees can increase their knowledge and move up the corporate ladder, giving them the satisfaction of moving ahead. These graduate recruitment agencies also take care the training.

5. Outrun your Competition

One must always be aware of one’s toughest competition and keep an eye on them to be caught up with their profits and losses. A recruitment strategy that could hurt your competition while benefiting you is one where you recruit the candidates or applicants for better salary and perks than the competitors. Graduates are in a fix when it comes to choosing between companies during placements. However, most of the times, it is the higher salary and perks that motivate them to choose one company over another. For this reason, the company should find out the amount that is being offered by the competitors and accordingly fix their salaries to encourage the candidates towards the job offered by them.

6. Providing Frequent Internships in the Company

Internships are a great way to look for prospective employees that possess the required skills for a certain job profile. This is because the interns already have an experience with your company and therefore are familiar with the requirements and the work environment, which means that they do not need additional time to fit in and get used to the work. This helps the companies in choosing the best talents as the work of the interns has been closely observed, whereas the new ones have cleared an interview but their skills can be figured out only after a month of their joining the company. The best IT recruitment agency always have contacts.

7. Hit and Trial Method

This strategy has two parts to it as the first part involves trying out different varied methods of recruitment for the candidates and applicants. The methods will bring out some qualified candidates suitable for the jobs and some who were rejected as they did not fit the job profile and its requirements. Trying out multiple recruitment methods on different platforms can bring out varied results as well. The second part of the strategy is to take time out and analyze of these interviews of candidates and figure out the method that has provided the highest number of qualified candidates. This gives the company a direction that they need to focus on, prioritizing one method that has yielded the best results over the others.

8. Brand Identity

A company, along with the advertisement of its products and services, should ensure the promotion of its workplace environment as well. This can be done with a page on the official website of the company that has videos and images of different employees, events and perks that could encourage graduates to apply for your company. This can also be done through the medium of social media platforms.