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Review: Trova Go lockbox – discretion can be stylish

The Good

Using your smartphone for biometrics is solid

Secure and discrete design

Easy to carry

Privacy is a big thing, whether it’s keeping prying eyes off of which prescriptions you’re taking or storing important data on removable storage mediums. Trova‘s range of connected lockboxes is aimed at just that, letting you keep important things away from the public eye, or keeping them out of inquisitive little hands.

The one we’re looking at today is the $199 (MSRP) Trova Go, the smallest of the three lockboxes in Trova’s range. It’s slim, stylish, and small enough to stash in your jacket or bag, without being over heavy. Is the discreteness worth the cash?

So, what’s it all about?

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

The Trova Go is a connected lockbox, with a solid aluminum shell with a soft, silicone interior so things like watches won’t scratch when stowed inside. It’s about the size of a slim glasses case, but the interior is smaller than this because of the space taken up by the battery and lock mechanism.

The only controls on the box is a power button, which you use to turn it off, on, and pair to your phone. There is a reset hole, but it only resets the box, it won’t wipe the security code or open the box. Charging is via USB-C, and Trova says it can last up to 73 days on one charge. We haven’t had it long enough to test that claim fully, but battery life hasn’t dropped much past 10-percent after a week.

That silicone interior? It seals to conceal odors, pressing securely against the lid when closed. You even get a container for medicines in the box, which takes up about half of the interior space if used. The lid has a stretchy band that you can put cash or important documents in, and there’s a magnetic loop for keeping hold of your rings. I love this feature, as I’m always scared I’ll lose my beloved Motiv ring when I take it off.

There’s an app for that

trova go app
Image: KnowTechie

The Trova Go uses your smartphone’s biometrics to unlock, so that means it’s time to add yet another app to your phone. Once you’ve created an account and paired your Trova Go, tapping the lock icon in the app sends the unlock command to the Trova Go. It uses your chosen authentication method, either a PIN code, fingerprint scan, or facial recognition.

The app also lets you set a notification if you’ve left the Trova Go unlocked, perfect for those forgetful times. It’ll also notify you about things like a low battery charge. It has location tracking, but since the Trova Go doesn’t have GPS without being paired to your phone, it won’t track if the device has been stolen, just show you a map view of the last place you had it.

The app lets you link multiple Trova devices, but it’s missing the ability to add other users to your Trova Go. The larger, $549 Trova Home lets you link multiple users, making it a better choice for anyone who needs a shared lockbox.

It would be nice if Trova could integrate their unlock routine with Google Home or Apple’s HomeKit, so you can unlock it from the hub app you’re already using for your home automation.

Svelte security

The Trova Go does what it sets out to do, provide a small, sleek lockbox for small personal items you’d rather not have in view. Since it only unlocks via your smartphone, that adds another layer of security as anyone who takes it will have a hard time opening it manually.

Sure, smashing it or cutting into it will probably open the Trova Go, but we didn’t test this as any determined attacker can get into almost any lockbox. Really, they’re for stymying opportunistic thieves or keeping things away from smaller household members that may harm themselves with the contents.

So, should I buy the Trova lockbox?

trova lockbox on table with watch inside
Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

Privacy is a luxury, and this luxury lockbox from Trova is about as private as anything you can carry gets. For $210, the Trova Go has enough space to hold prescriptions, watches, rings, or other small items that you want out of prying eyes (and hands!). That seems like a good thing to me, especially as a parent that’s always worrying about little hands getting into things they’re not supposed to.

Now I can lock those things away, in a secure container that’s as easy to unlock as my smartphone, using the same biometric lock that my iPhone uses. Privacy might be a luxury, but peace of mind is invaluable.

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The Good

Using your smartphone for biometrics is solid

Secure and discrete design

Easy to carry