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Save $100 on the self-charging Segway Kickscooter Max

Segway might be better known for its self-standing mobility scooters, but did you know they made scooters as well? The Segway Kickscooter Max is all the mobility you need in the urban environment, and you can grab one for $100 off this weekend.

It’s got a 40-mile range, so you won’t get range anxiety while you’re out and about. Segway says that’s the distance between San Francisco and Palo Alto, but you don’t need to be a west coast tech-bro to enjoy it. The Segway Kickscooter is water-resistant, has a headlight and brake light, and the regenerative braking system helps refill the battery while you’re on the go.

It’s even got a built-in charger, so you don’t need to remember to carry a bulky charging brick wherever you go. Get one for $699, a cool $100 off the usual price. Just use the code SEGWAY100 during checkout.

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