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Serious Skincare – With Integrity

I know that most of you understand the nature of serious skincare, but you just can’t seem to find products on the market that give you the kind of results that you are looking for.  One of the biggest reasons that I tend to think that we have so many ineffective products on the market is due to many companies skincare philosophy.

I truly believe that serious skincare begins with what a products founding company has in its corporate heart.  I firmly believe that when most of these cosmetics companies started out they had the best of intentions.  Unfortunately, in the world of free enterprise many of those intentions have changed.

The skincare philosophy of the vast majority of cosmetics companies that are currently competing for your dollar the theme has changed to “win at all costs.”  This kind of attitude costs the consumer far more than it does the company we witness product costs going up while product quality is going down.

Maklon KosmetikThose of us who want serious skincare products know that the best of these products contain safe, natural ingredients.   The majority of the products that are being sold though are full of nothing more than potentially dangerous synthetic materials that are totally ineffective for your skin care needs.

That is because the predominant skincare philosophy is to use the absolute lowest priced ingredients that can be found as a way of pumping up the profit margin for the company.  This kind of thinking benefits the company financially, but hurts the customer both financially and emotionally.

You may feel that I am overstating on that last part, but just think about it for a minute.  It can be extremely frustrating for someone who has bought one supposedly serious skincare product after another, only to be disappointed by the final results.  There is hope for this generation of cosmetics makers though.

At least on company whose skin care products I have tried have a skincare philosophy that sort of caught me off guard.  They claim to believe that profit margin is not as important to them as is making the safest, most effective products that they can for their customers.

They feel so strongly about serious skincare that they don’t waste money on advertisement, but instead use all of their resources on research and development.  In this way they can continue to make major advancements in the field of natural cosmetics, and continually give you better products.

Their skincare philosophy, “Our aim is to produce significantly superior products while offering our customers better value for their money than anything else on the market.”  It does sound like a pretty lofty goal that they’ve set for themselves, but judging from my own experience up to this point I believe that they are accomplishing that goal.

This company, based in New Zealand understands what serious skincare is, and they are doing everything in their power to give you just that.  I think that it is refreshing to finally find a company who is dedicated to putting the needs of the consumer first.  You don’t see enough of that nowadays.