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Social Media Strategy – How you Can Boost your Business in 2020

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Social media is attracting users of varying ages, gender, and ethnicity around the world. In one of the posts, Oberlo reports that Social Media Userbase has reached up to 3.5 Billion worldwide. The increasing web population is creating more and more opportunities for businesses.Why do you need a social media strategy?

The key to a successful strategy is reaching out to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right channel.

Social media strategy is designed to ensure a business or an organization fulfills its promotion and communication needs. It helps a business define its path in projecting a product or service to the intended users. for small or medium-sized enterprises, social media can be a part of their digital marketing strategy. However, large size organizations and corporate entities would like to have an exclusive strategy for social media that may run parallel to the digital strategy. Let’s have at how it can help businesses achieve their goals in 2020.

How you can boost your business in 2020 with social media?

Social media is flooded with more than 3 billion users, but finding the right ones is difficult that’s why you need to try different strategies. Have a look at some of the ways to boost your business this year.

Set your goals

Ask yourself the purpose of creating a social media strategy and it will help you define a goal. For any business, the goal is to create an attraction that pulls the users to a website and make them stay. Create goals by staying relevant and specific to the scope of your business. Make sure the goals are realistic and achievable as setting higher goals is harder to accomplish that may be disappointing.

Evaluate target audience

A strategy is incomplete in the absence of a defined target audience. Understand the kind of people you aim to reach out and it will help to figure out various strategies. For example, a b2b model gets most of its traction from platforms like LinkedIn; however, Facebook offers opportunities for b2c as well.

Similarly, a business that is more visuals-focused can acquire leads on social sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Specifically speaking about Pinterest, if the is powered by woman and deals in art and craft, and ‘do it yourself’ projects, then this is the most effective medium.

The age group, gender, profession, and common behavior of your target audience combine to supercharge your social media marketing strategy.

Acquire website traffic from social media

Social media is one the finest medium to redirect your fan following towards your website, increase the traffic, and boost the business. Start sharing relevant and valuable content from your business websites like detailed product descriptions, posts about reviews and comparisons, news and stories, and lots of other interactive content from your blog section.

Schedule your website content on social media networks as soon as you publish it. To make the posts more engaging, you can have live chat sessions. Such as Facebook live or twitter chat with a series of tweets. It will help you grab the users’ attention, promote your thoughts of a product or service, and make the users pay a visit to the website.

Mature your leads

Social media is now a mainstream tool for users to interact with their favorite stores, brands, manufacturers, or suppliers. They can drop you a message as easily as saying ‘Hi’ to a friend. This is a form of lead that can be improved and turn into a qualified lead with serious and useful replies.

One of the greatest benefits of a social media strategy is attracting leads. You can make the most out of it with the help of organic as well as paid advertising campaigns. With different ad formats, you can either compel the users to drop you a direct message or visit the website for further details. In either way, you get a chance to convert the users into your buyers.

Increase revenues

Plan your social media strategy in-line with your sales and revenue goals and it will help you achieve them. In most of the marketing and sales funnels, social media plays a key role in filtering relevant users among the masses and directing them towards an action

The increasing number of social media users and innovative technology is providing more exposure to businesses across the globe. The users are turning to their favorite media outlet to search for products or services, which supplements mobile eCommerce. It is the right time to bring your digital strategy in conformity with the business and target audience.

Collaborate with influencers frequently

People like to talk about the products and services they consume in different groups, on different pages, or in private chat. They recommend products to their friends and family if they have tried it themselves. However, most of them ignore and aim for something different. They like to follow brands that are suggested by their favorite personalities.

Combining the effectiveness of ‘word of mouth’ marketing with influencer collaboration can brew the desired results. You can boost your business by adding different activities in partnership with influential personalities of your industry or business niche. They have massive, loyal, and action-driven fan following, which can help you boost the business.

Final words

Social media marketing strategy is important not only to create a digital footprint of your business but also to stop your reliance on major search engines that may hit your rankings anytime without any notifications.

It is a reliable alternative of traffic source to your business or brand website as the loyal customers would like to drop you a message on social media profile if they fail to find your products in searches or the website is down or hacked. It is significant for the growth of any website.