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Tesla owners can now customize their vehicle’s horn

If you’re a Tesla owner, you should have its new “holiday update” by now, which brings some updates like the ability to play music through the vehicle’s external speakers when you press your horn. You also get a bunch of improvements to the overall software functionality too.

CEO Elon Musk was teasing the “fire” software update all the way back in November, and now we know the full contents.

As well as the ability to play music from the external speakers, Tesla owners also get three new in-car video games, updates to the driving visualization that shows more of the road’s surroundings, tweaks to Scheduled Departure, and new Supercharger improvements that show the number of available stalls.

Oh, and if you thought you could only play music through the external speakers when you press the horn, think again. You can also make your WWE dreams come true by adding walk-in music when your Tesla is in Summon Mode, or even when the car is driving normally.

Remember that regulations require electric vehicles to play some sort of audible tone when the vehicle is moving slowly, at under 19 mph. You might as well have something humorous, like the ‘ping’ from the Aliens motion detector, right?

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