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This awkward VR controller is the Shake Weight of the metaverse

As big tech makes its push towards a more virtual world with the metaverse, there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome. One of those hurdles is hardware. Or more specifically, VR controllers that let us interact with a virtual world.

And that’s exactly what MAKinteract Lab of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has set out to create. But the specific design of this particular VR controller might have people turning their heads.

The SpinOcchio is the company’s new prototype VR controller. MAKinteract Lab designed the controller to simulate the feeling of something slipping or spinning through your fingertips. Check it out in action below.

Now, the company gives examples for use of the SpinOcchio for things like spinning virtual pottery or holding a virtual Coke bottle in your hands. But after watching the video, I’m pretty sure I know what most people will be thinking…

But, the metaverse is a family world. There’s nothing sexual or dirty about a potential new VR controller to make the metaverse more immersive. Alright, I’ll cut the bullshit. This thing is made for touching virtual dicks.

I mean, come on! Ten seconds into the video you can already see what this thing is all about. They even call it a “skin-slip haptic feedback device.” Yea, dick skin.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Virtual sex is already more popular than you probably realize and it’s obviously going to become more popular as virtual worlds become more immersive.

We laugh now, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the SpinOcchio become a favorite amongst users of PornHub’s inevitable virtual bang sanctum. And until then, there’s always this bad boy.

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