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This Nintendo Switch Fujifilm printer will print screenshots from your Switch

For those of us ancient gamers that remember the old Game Boy printer, the glory days are pretty much over. Luckily, Fujifilm has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us a new handheld printer that can print screenshots locally from your Nintendo Switch.

This isn’t so much a new product as it is a Nintendo version of Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Link printer. The printer is designed to print photos directly from your phone, but the latest team-up with Nintendo sees this version of the Instax come with some extra functionality.

With this version of the printer, users can transfer a Nintendo Switch screenshot directly to their phones to print them through the Instax printer.

By using a QR code, you can use your phone to scan a screenshot from your Switch into your phone, and then, using a specific smartphone app (not yet available), you can position the screenshot however you’d like and print it directly from the Instax printer.

This Nintendo specific version of the Instax is exactly the same as the original version, except for some minor features. In addition to the added Switch functionality, this version of the printer comes in a red and blue case to more closely match the Nintendo Switch. There’s also an adorable Pikachu case that you can get for $20 more.

The new printer will be launching soon, and while the app will also work with the original Instax printer, this limited edition version will be available on April 30 for $100. You’ll be able to show off your Animal Crossing screenshots to all of your friends with the new Nintendo Switch-themed Instax Mini Link printer from Fujifilm.

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