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Tips to Stay Healthy While Working for Long Hours Everyday – Information Technology Blog

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We know how difficult it can be for you to work those long hours that you do every single day. However, it’s the reality for many people that they have to work a lot to get enough money flowing in to put food on the table. If you’re in that situation, then you might not be the healthiest that you’ve ever been.

When you’re sitting at your desk all day or running around doing errands, then it can be tough to get the fitness and nutrition you need to stay healthy. Keep reading down below to learn our top tips for how you can stay healthy even if you’re working those long hours.

Stand While You Work

This is something that many office workers swear by when trying to improve their fitness levels. Standing is going to burn a whole lot more calories than sitting at your desk, hunched over your computer. Plus, this is going to be much better for your posture. When you stand, you don’t have to lean over and type on the keyboard, inhibiting your ability to breathe properly and damaging your posture.{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22+name{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}3D{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22I1

You should ask your boss to see if there can be some standing desks installed in the office to help in this regard.

Exercise While You Work

The Noonchi Ultimate Office workout is a cutting edge workout system that allows you to bring your workout to WORK!  Portable equipment attaches to your office chair enabling you to do various arm and leg exercises and more.  Coming to Kickstarter 01/01/2019!   Visit their website at to be notified of any updates.

Go for High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the absolute best types of exercise routines that you can do if you want to stay healthy and do it in a short amount of time. When you do this type of training, you will only spend 20 minutes or so a day doing super intense exercise bursts in a short amount of time. This has been regarded as one of the best ways for busy people to get their daily workout in.{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22+name{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}3D{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22I2

Eat Plenty of Light Snacks Throughout the Day

It’s widely known that it’s best not to just eat three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This leaves wide breaks in your day when there’s plenty of temptations like chocolate or other unhealthy snacks laying around. A good idea is to keep some healthy snacks at your desk for those times when you do feel a bit hungry.{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22+name{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}3D{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22I3

Take Breaks Often

You may not think that your boss is going to be OK with this, but it’s actually been shown that taking breaks often throughout the work day is going to make you a whole lot more productive. Sometimes that break that you have to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air is all that you need to recharge and then get back to work. This is especially true if you’re just sitting at a desk all day, hunched over a computer.{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22+name{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}3D{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22I4

Drink Plenty of Water All the Time

Water is one of the biggest keys to living a healthy life. And that’s more important than ever when you’re at work. Drinking plenty of water is going to help you be more productive and keep your mood up while you’re getting those tasks done.{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22+name{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}3D{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba}22I5

Create A Healthy Workspace

A big step towards being healthy even when you’re working those long hours is to create a healthy workspace for yourself. This includes decluttering your desk, organizing papers, and bringing in things from home that calm you down and keep you happy. You could maybe even bring in a more comfortable desk chair, like the ones you’ll find at What are some ways you can think of to create a healthy workspace at your desk?

Another option is using tasty powdered greens supplements to not just get your daily nutrients of vitamins but also antioxidants too. One brand that is popular is Detox Organics that’s available in chocolate flavor, you can visit this review for why this could be a good option for you.

Don’t Work Beyond Work Hours

And of course, the last tip we have for you is to not work beyond your normal work hours. Your work should never come between yourself and your personal life, so make sure to have strict rules on when you go back home to relax. This is crucial so that you don’t bring your work home and it stays right there in the office where it belongs.

When it comes to staying healthy while you work long hours, this can be a difficult thing for many people to accomplish. However, if you put your mind to it and add in some extra effort, you’re going to be able to be fit and healthy before, during, and after work.

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