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Computer degrees online are offered by more and more colleges and universities. Associate, bachelor, or master level degrees are offered for most fields. Continuing education courses augment qualifications for aspirants to a management position.

Courses for computer degrees online allow students to learn at home at their own pace. These courses are also useful for employees who wish to train in their free time while keeping a job. These are the available courses in various computer fields.

The following computer degree online programs have a scientific and technical orientation.

Courses for a Computer Science Degree

Regis University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program trains students in computer architecture, object-oriented analysis, and operation systems.

Database Technologies, Information Assurance, Database Technologies are some foundation courses in this online computer degree. The university also offers a program for combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. This is made possible by completing all major foundation courses and adding three master’s courses to be included with undergraduate credits.

At the University of Illinois, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provides basic training in the field. Graduates are prepared for further study.

Drexel University offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. The course reviews fundamental theories along with advanced topics. Various topics of inquiry beef up qualifications for practicing computer scientists and software engineers in business, industry or government.The core curriculum includes foundation courses in computer science. Electives are taken to deepen knowledge in specific topics. There are no restrictions for general electives. Courses in liberal studies, public affairs, and applied study complete the computer science degree online or on-campus requirements.

Courses include applied algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, cognitive modeling, computer vision, human-computer interaction, networking, and security.

Software Engineering Degree Programs

Post University offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems – Software Development Management. The degree’s core courses are in programming and system design. Students choose between the Database and Software Development Management programs.

The software engineering degree online or on-campus program is designed to teach students quality, timeliness, and on-budget delivery for all software development projects.

Colorado Technical University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Software Systems Engineering. The course covers software design and testing.

Appropriate software design models are used to formulate software solutions. This course trains students for career opportunities such as Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, and Applications Engineer.

The Regis University’s Master of Science in Software Engineering prepares students in the design, construction, testing, and maintenance of software tasks.

The classroom-based and Master of Science in Software Engineering degree course introduces students to the application of a systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approach to the process of assessing requirements, analysis, design, construction, operation, configuration, and maintenance of software. The curriculum includes these courses.

* Object-Oriented Software Engineering
* Software Construction, Tools, and Methods
* Software Design
* Enterprise Java Software Development
* Enterprise C# Software Development
* Artificial Intelligence

Options for Computer Networking Degree Courses

Strayer University offers a computer networking degree online. The course teaches students advanced level courses in server speed and data security. They train in evaluating and implementing computer networking systems. Graduates develop skills needed to install LANs, servers, routers and fiber optics and to solve software and hardware issues.

Westwood College offers a Bachelor’s in Information Technology: Major in Network Management. In this program, students get advanced skills training in the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of networks. Management and general education courses teach other applicable skills in management, critical thinking, logic and communications.

The program prepares graduates to take the Cisco Certified Network Associate and Microsoft Certified Professional certification exams. They may be employed as network and systems administrators, network managers, database administrators or network engineers.

At the University of Phoenix, networking is also a concentration in the Associate of Arts Information Technology program. This concentration covers computer network security, Local Area Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and more. The course is a preparation for the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and Cisco Certified Network Associate certification exams.

Computer Information Systems Degree Programs

Park University offers the Bachelor of Science Online Degree Completion in Management-Computer Information Systems. This online computer information systems degree course prepares students in the use of computer systems, business management, and organizational theory. Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are used to produce technology solutions. Appropriate information technologies are identified for specific organizational contexts.

American Sentinel University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. This online program teaches business and information technology skills. Electives are offered in information management, security, geographic information systems, web design, and development.

Students learn to apply systems analysis, design concepts, and strategies to information technology and business problems. They learn to apply project management principles to information systems development.

Florida Tech’s Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems degree program focuses on technical skills and applications. These are some of the university’s other courses in computer information systems.

* BSIS: Computer Security
* BSIS: Security Administration
* Undergraduate Information Systems Certificate in Computer Security
* Undergraduate Information Systems Certificate in Security Administration

Computer Programming Degree Courses

Baker College offers online computer degrees in programming with two options. The first option is the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming. Students in the program learn programming, systems analysis, and design. Languages such as Java, C++, Visual BASIC, and HTML Programming are taught.

Classes for this online computer programming degree include studying operating systems, hardware, computer architecture, networking fundamentals, database configuration, and management using SQL.

The second option is the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming Java Option. Students are trained in programming, systems analysis, and design based on the Sun/Java Academic Initiative. This program concentrates instruction with the Java programming language.

American Intercontinental University conducts the Bachelor of Information Technology program with a concentration in Programming. Students develop business and programming skills.

They learn the use of networks and data administration. The BIT with a concentration in Programming trains students to build a dynamic user interface and content using data-driven objects and how to apply project management to software projects.

These are computer degree online programs for those with an interest in creative computer careers.

Game Design Degree Online Programs

Ferris State University offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Animation and Game Design. Classes for a game design degree online focus on training in digital technology with subjects in design, 3D animation, and programming.

Students are required to complete internships in game studios. Apart from game industry jobs, the program develops professionals who may find jobs in medical visualization, architectural flythroughs, legal simulation, and educational software.

Baker College Online’s Bachelor of Computer Science – Game Software Development trains students in software engineering with an emphasis in animation and gaming development. This program explores programming technologies and takes students through modeling through animation to game programming.  Seniors are required to complete a game design project from start to finish.

Full Sail University offers a Bachelor of Science in Game Design. The course covers the game studio processes for designing and prototyping content for consoles, cell phones, and other emerging platforms. Game projects hone creative and analytical skills. Students learn how to produce character sketches, levels storylines, and other game elements.

Web Design Degree Programs

Westwood College conducts the Bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Multimedia program. Students hone their Web 2.0 skills through design theory, web design, and advanced web technology courses. General education for this online web design degree includes courses to develop critical thinking, logic, and communications skills.  Graduates are ready for entry-level jobs as a web designer, web administrator, web analyst or digital project manager.

Rassmusen College offers the Multimedia Technologies Associate’s Degree with the Web Design Specialization. Courses teach the use of sounds, images, graphics, animation, and text in designing websites. Some courses in psychology combine with art training to develop effective websites. Students assemble a portfolio showing professional web design skills.

International Academy of Design and Technology has the Associate of Science in Web Design program. Students learn computing fundamentals, graphics, digital video, and audio. They learn web design techniques, web networking, digital design, and web scripting. Graduates are prepared for jobs such as Web Page Designer, Content Developer, and Flash Designer.

CAD Degree Courses

The Art Institute has an Associate Degree in Interior Planning with AutoCAD program. Coursework for an online cad degree covers interior planning and construction, line work, drafting principles, code specification, and reference materials. The Computer-Aided Drafting courses prepare graduates for entry-level positions as a draftsperson, plans checker, planner, detailer, or designer.

Westwood College offers the Associate in Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting degree. Subjects include Basic Drafting, Residential CAD Design, and Commercial CAD Design.

Students develop skills in computer-aided drafting and design for commercial and residential structures. Graduates may take certification exams in AutoDesk, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Inventor, and Revit Architecture.

IT professions are some of the most in-demand. Computer online courses are some of the most convenient means to gain entry into this profitable career field.