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CBD has taken the world by storm, enabling consumers to enjoy its numerous benefits without worrying about the intoxicating effects of hemp’s other compounds, such as THC. These days, emerging technologies are taking the CBD industry to the next level. Thanks to new tech and years of research, we now have many hemp-derived CBD products with almost non-existent THC levels.

What else can we expect from the convergence of CBD and technology in the near future? Quite exciting things, according to the trends we’ve researched.

New Types of CBD Products

New CBD products keep popping up, and we can expect the trend to continue well into the future. It all started with CBD oil extracted from hemp’s flowers, leaves, stalks, or seeds. Moreover, we also have CBD tinctures, edibles, bath bombs, creams, lotions, shampoos, makeup, and more. Brands like Sunday Scaries even offer vegan CBD gummies and other broad-spectrum CBD products entirely free of THC.

Brands continue to be innovative, so new product development is certainly on the horizon.

High-CBD Hemp with Nearly No THC

Thanks to new technologies and innovative breeding methods, farmers can control CBD and THC levels in hemp. They have been growing hemp with higher CBD levels than ever before while keeping THC at the lowest possible levels. Motivated by the 2018 Farm Bill and more states lifting the ban on cannabis, they might soon start cultivating hemp with almost no THC. That’s the dream, at least.

Full-spectrum CBD will continue to be popular among those looking for THC’s intoxicating effects, but THC-free products will undoubtedly sweep the market.

More Innovative CBD Extraction Methods

The most common solvents many manufacturers use to extract CBD include ethanol, butane, and hexane. They help extract cannabinoids and terpenes from decarboxylated hemp. Some manufacturers had switched to hydrocarbons, deeming them a safer alternative, but researchers found that they could make CBD extracts carcinogenic. Hence, it was critical to come up with new extraction methods. The most widely-used nowadays is the Supercritical CO₂ extraction method that leads to pure, clean, and safe products.

It’s safer, more eco-friendly, and efficient. With several manufacturers adopting the same, it will become more cost-effective as well. We’re confident we’ll see even more innovative, time-efficient, cost-effective extraction methods that will ensure 100% purity and quality.

Novel Nanoemulsion Technology

The emulsification process enables preparing a stable liquid of two insoluble ingredients, such as oil and water. Thanks to modern emulsion technologies, manufacturers can combine CBD oil with water-soluble ingredients and produce metastable liquids. However, since CBD oil is insoluble, it has a lower bioavailability rate than any other water-soluble compound.

That’s where the new nanoemulsion technology comes in. It helps decrease CBD molecules, thus enhancing their solubility and helping the body absorb CBD better. It will soon help prepare CBD oil products with higher bioavailability rates.

Tailoring CBD Products to People’s DNA

CBD and other hemp compounds affect everyone differently. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dosage, concentration, and delivery methods that will provide every consumer with optimal effects. Typically, trial and error can help you determine what products can fit your needs best and how much CBD to use. But New Coastal Group and Endocanna Health wanted to put an end to the guessing game. They teamed up and developed a groundbreaking CBD DNA test for personalized CBD experiences.

The test reveals your metabolic function levels and how CBD and certain terpenes can affect your endocannabinoid system according to your genetics. Personalized CBD products are a breakthrough that will undoubtedly reshape the CBD industry’s future.

Embracing Smart Technologies for Better Farming Strategies

Smart technologies have opened the door to more efficient and effective farming strategies. IoT (Internet of Things) devices enable hemp farmers to monitor their crops in real-time and ensure they are of the highest quality. For instance, smart sensors can help farmers scan the soil, streamline irrigation, reduce waste, increase the effectiveness of fertilizers, reduce the environmental impact, and more.

We’ll witness more farmers embracing intelligent technologies to optimize their crops and ensure high-quality hemp-derived CBD.There are multiple innovations taking place in the world.

Using AI to Gather Industry and Agricultural Insights

AI can help fuel the CBD market’s growth, as it can help drive invaluable insights from big data. Combined with machine learning, AI can help brands learn more about their target audience, stay on top of industry trends, develop effective marketing strategies, and much more.

It can also provide them with agricultural insights necessary for cultivating high-quality hemp. Moreover, using AI can give more power to intelligent technologies to help farmers and brands work with accurate data for efficient and effective hemp production. In the end, it can also provide them with accurate predictions for future sales, thus cutting costs and generating more revenue.


Just like any other industry, the CBD industry is transforming continually. With the help of modern tech, it has been growing in a way that no one could have predicted a mere decade ago. With the ever-growing consumer demand and new technologies remolding the market, the future of CBD is looking brighter than ever.