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Reasons to Own a Sugar Glider as a Family Pet

If you have been warm to pets and animals, there is a likelihood that you either know someone who keeps one as a pet or you’ve been thinking about getting a sugar glider. These small marsupials although are thought to be rodents, they are actually in the same family with the Koala bears as well as kangaroos, and as such, they undoubtedly make for an attractive pet. But, any good pet owner recognizes that cuteness is not all that is needed to make an animal a good companion. If you are thinking about keeping a sugar glider at home as a family pet but not sure if it is the best thing to do, then you have come to the right place. Below are some of the key perks one can enjoy from keeping a sugar glider.
If you can take care of it properly, your sugar glider can live up to fifteen years. This is unusual for animals of similar size, considering that most pocket critters belong to the rodent family. With a life expectancy more similar to that of a dog or cat, you are guaranteed that these small marsupials would become the ideal family pet. It is essential that you remember that before you decide to pet a sugar glider, since you’ll want to offer the right care as an owner.
Another huge advantage of owning a sugar glider is the ease associated with taking care of one. These adorable little critters clean themselves and love living in a clean environment. With the right sugar glider cage setup, you will only need to be doing the cleaning once per week. They are just a cat’s litter box where you only have to do minimal routine cleanup.
Also, sugar gliders are one most loving creatures you could find out there. They love a lot of bonding time with their owners. They tend to demand a lot of attention, more so when they’ve bonded fully, and that is why it would be a good idea to have a bonding pocket to bring them around with you. They will snuggle with you as you continue with your day.
Also, sugar gliders are quite energetic and will require stimulation. This makes some people think that sugar gliders are high-maintenance pet. However, the reality is that with the right toys and ample snuggle time with the owner, these tiny creatures are happy.
A lot of people think sugar gliders are rodents and for that reason, most people are afraid that they are prone to biting. Like said, they are marsupials and when taken care of well, biting rarely occurs. They will only bite when provoked like being scared or being hustled. More bonding time allows them to trust you more and not feel frightened.

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