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You can now have Google Photos send you physical prints every month

Having a camera handy at all times on your smartphone is great, but those memories only ever live in the cloud nowadays. I mean, when was the last time you got an actual photograph developed or printed out one of the myriad images you take every day?

Google wants to change that, with a new $6.99 a month service built into Google Photos, which will use AI to select 10 of your best photos that month, print them out, and mail them to your door.

The feature was recently announced after Google trialed the service over most of this year. The only real difference that all of that testing produced? A dollar less on the subscription cost once the service goes live in “the coming weeks.” Nice.

If the thought of AI picking out what it thinks are your best photos every month fills you with dread, no need to worry. The AI behind the premium print series will give you 10 suggested images before they’re printed.

Image: Google

That gives you the chance to edit the suggestions, choose between matte and glossy finish for each print, or other things like adding a border before they’re printed. Google will also give you the chance to skip that month or cancel, pretty much like any other subscription service.

The trial service allows users to train the algorithm, with priority category tags such as “people and pets,” “landscapes,” or “a little bit of everything.” Those options might exist on the full service, or they could have been just for the test version, letting users train the AI that’s now being used. We’ll circle back once we’ve got a concrete answer on that.

Image: Google

All prints are done on cardstock paper, perfect for keeping those memories in photo albums or turning them into postcards to send to the family. That’s not the only photo service Google announced today, with Google Photos users being able to order same-day prints from Walgreens through the Google Photo app or web app.

According to Google, that nearly doubles the number of stores available to get same-day prints, adding to the existing partnerships with CVS and Walmart.

Do you find this useful? Plan on signing up? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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